George Osborne's brother Adam struck off medical register for 'inappropriate' relationship with vulnerable patient

Psychiatrist admitted having two-year sexual relationship with woman who had history of mental health problems

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Chancellor George Osborne's psychiatrist brother has been struck off the medical register after admitting having an "inappropriate" two-year affair with one of his patients

Adam Osborne also admitted threatening the mother-of-two when she reported him to the General Medical Council (GMC) after she attempted suicide when he ended the relationship. 

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) ruled that his fitness to practise was impaired due to misconduct and found that his behaviour was "profoundly unacceptable" .

The doctor, who is five years younger than the Chancellor, was not present at the four-day misconduct hearing in Manchester but did admit he knew - or ought to have known - the woman was a "vulnerable patient" because of her history.

He also admitted sending the threatening emails "in a moment of panic".

The tribunal heard how he had been treating the woman - referred to as Patient A - at a private clinic in London for depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue before he embarked on the affair. She also had a history of substance abuse and self-harm.

They were in an emotional and sexual relationship between 2013 and February 2015 before he broke it off.

She then took an overdose of alcohol and drugs and was admitted to hospital - but not before telling Dr Osborne's supervisor Dr Neil Boast about the affair. 

Dr Adam is the younger brother of Chancellor George Osborne

 He initially tried to convince Patient A to drop the complaint against him - saying the accusation would "destroy his family" - before becoming "more imploring". 

Representing the GMC at the tribunal, barrister Bernadette Baxter described Dr Osborne as "highly manipulative" and said he preyed on the woman's vulnerabilities. 

She said: "Patient A said on a number of occasions she wanted him to stop contacting her.

"He sees himself very much as a victim. There are emails where the mood very much changed and spills into the territory where he makes threats towards Patient A, consequences to her family and in fact, the patient seduced him."

This not the first time he has been in trouble with the GMC since he qualified in 2004. 

He was suspended from practising for six months in 2010 for prescribing contraceptives to his then girlfriend - now wife - Dr Rahala Noor and anti-psychotic drugs to a cocaine-addicted prostitute with whom he had a relationship and had installed in a £795-a-month rent flat, reportedly so he could have "sex on tap". 

Dr Osborne resigned from the private Elitemed Ltc clinic he ran with Dr Noor - who he married in 2012 - last year after the allegations first came to light.

Chairman of the tribunal Dr Nigel Callaghan said: "The tribunal does not consider that Dr Osborne's actions are easily remediable. This was not a fleeting relationship but sustained over a period of two years.

"Dr Osborne attempted to persuade Patient A to withdraw the complaint by sending inappropriate emails to her over a 10-day period when he knew she had taken an overdose, and was therefore in a particularly vulnerable and fragile state.

"The tribunal regards Dr Osborne's behaviour as profoundly unacceptable and undermines the public's confidence in the medical profession."

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