Gerry Adams reveals his passion for teddy bears


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Indy Politics

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has revealed his passion for teddy bears, cupcakes and flowers, in a series of unexpectedly domestic posts on Twitter.

In almost 200 tweets in recent weeks he has revealed he had to smash a window to get into his home, having mislaid his keys.

Then there is the rubber duck which he says he takes into his bath, plus his love of teddy bears.

He began by writing fondly of one bear, named Ted, but has followed this by posting pictures of four bears in all. 

One theory is that he is trying to soften his image while another has it that he has gone a bit soft – one critic described him as being “in stomach-churningly whimsical mode”.

Some have suggested the teddy bear he talks about is actually Ted Howell, an Adams aide.