London protests as they happened: Demonstrators demand justice for Grenfell victims after day of fury and sorrow

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Protests erupted across London on Friday afternoon in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster, with victims and other angry Londoners uniting in outrage at the failings that led to the blaze.

Many of the protesters called on Theresa May to resign, after a number of damning reports about the Government's treatment of fire safety concerns emerged after the tragedy.

The Prime Minister was also under intense pressure after she failed to meet with victims immediately after the fire, choosing to talk to the emergency services instead. She has since visited victims in hospital. 

So far, the fire that broke out in the residential block in the early hours of Wednesday morning has claimed at least 30 lives, and the death toll is expected to rise.  

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Hundreds of Grenfell Tower protesters have staged an impromptu march on Whitehall, angry with the response from the Government following Wednesday's disaster.
The group brought the heart of London to a standstill as they tried to march from the Home Office headquarters to Downing Street.
The crowd, shouting “May must go”, “justice for Grenfell” and “blood on your hands”, were met with a cordon of police officers as they marched up Horseguards Parade, coming to a stop outside the entrance to Downing Street.
Organisers estimated at least 1,400 were involved - although those numbers cannot be verified - with many waving placards.
Meanwhile, in west London, another protest is winding its way north from Kensington to Notting Hill
Our News Editor, Richard Williams, is on the march through Kensington
Throughout the march chants of “justice” had rippled up the crowd.
“We are here today because you must look at that building with tears streaming down your face,” one woman told the group as they neared the foot of the tower.
Pausing, the hundreds fell silent for a moment before breaking into applause and cheers for those killed.
“We need answers and we need answers now,” another man said through a megaphone.
Protesters are staging a sit-down strike at Oxford Circus in central London. Traffic is stopped. Banners read: Justice for Grenfell.
Protesters are also in Trafalgar Square:
Here is some video of the sit-in in Oxford Circus:
A group of protesters have made their way to outside of the BBC - at Broadcasting House in central London.

A resident who lives near Grenfell Tower, Chris Imafidon, gave an emotional address to protesters in west London, holding in one hand a poster of a young child missing and in the other a burned piece of cladding from the building.

"I'm here because this child ... on Tuesday went to bed and now nobody knows where this child is," he said.

Here is a report on the march on Downing Street:
The protesters outside of BBC Broadcasting House are moved there from Oxford Circus - with a minute's silence held
There was also a silence held near the Grenfell tower block itself
Unconnected to the protests, a man has been jailed after admitting posting pictures of a Grenfell Tower victim on social media.
Omega Mwaikambo, 43, pleaded guilty to two offences contrary to section 127 of the Communications Act, Scotland Yard said.
He was sentenced to three months at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Friday, the force added.
Mwaikambo, of Testerton Walk, west London, was arrested after images were posted online of what appeared to be a partially-covered body following the fatal blaze in north Kensington, west London.
At least 30 people are known to have died as fire ripped through the 24-floor building in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Anger and emotion at the march in North Kensington this evening
To recap, three large protests were held on Friday evening:

One that began at Kensington Town Hall and worked its way north through the borough - heading for the charred tower. This is now beginning to wind down. 

A second in central London made its way to the BBC HQ at Broadcasting House. These protesters are now heading south towards Piccadilly Circus. 
A third protest was staged along Whitehall, ending outside Downing Street. 

Hundreds of firefighters were sent to 24-storey Grenfell Tower in north Kensington, as large plumes of smoke billowed above the capital after the blaze broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Witnesses spoke of "terrifying" scenes, with some residents suggesting they heard no alarm go off when the fire began. At least 75 people are being treated at six hospitals across the capital.