Hurd says he will not stand for leadership

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DOUGLAS HURD ruled himself out as a contender in any future Conservative leadership contest last night after an opinion poll suggested that almost half of Tory supporters wanted John Major out, writes Anthony Bevins.

The Foreign Secretary told BBC's Newsnight that having stood for the leadership in 1990, the party had elected 'the right man for the job'.

He added: 'I had my one and only go, and do not regret that. But I do not want to be in that business again.'

Asked if there was a vacancy whether he would not stand, Mr Hurd said firmly 'no'.

However, there is a feeling amongst senior rightwingers that Mr Hurd could still be the only replacement for Mr Major - in the short term - who could heal the party's wounds.

Mr Major's difficulties were compounded by an ICM poll for today's Daily Mail, which said that he had lost credibility as leader of his party amongst two-thirds of all voters.