I'll register both births this time, vows Miliband

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Ed Miliband is planning a "two for one" trip to the registry office to have his name put on the birth certificate of his newborn child – as well as for his existing son Daniel.

Mr Miliband's partner Justine Thornton, is expecting the couple's second child – also a boy – imminently and the Labour leader intends to take the full two weeks' paternity leave.

Topping his list of priorities for the time off is to register not only the new birth but also that of 17-month-old Daniel – which he failed to get round to doing the last time.

That omission came back to haunt him after he won the Labour leadership, when a Sunday newspaper tracked down Daniel's birth certificate. Reporters found that the section headed "Father" was blank. Ms Thornton was named, along with her Manchester birthplace and her profession as a barrister.

Explaining the mistake, Mr Miliband said it was partly due to the fact that the couple are not married – and partly that he had forgotten. "What happens is if you are partners, rather than married – as we found out after the event – is that when Justine went to register Daniel, she came back and said, 'You will never believe it, I can't register you. You have got to go along to the council offices and make sure you do it.' I am really embarrassed I haven't."

This time round, Mr Miliband's spin doctors are determined he will not make the same slip. As well as the obligatory photo of the proud mother and father with the new offspring, it is likely that the media will be invited to the registry office to record Mr Miliband signing the birth certificate. "I am going to make sure I do two for the price of one," he joked recently.