Independent Live: Ed Miliband at the Labour conference fringe

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Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband speaks to The Independent's Steve Richards about the trials and tribulations of being a Labour MP in what is the party's most difficult period since they took power in 1997.

On the fringe of a Labour conference which was shaken up today by one of the most stirring poltical speeches in recent memory from Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, Miliband took the opportunity to give his opinion on the political downturn which is threatening to shape the course of next year's general election. "Fundamentally," he said of Gordon Brown, " he's someone who has deep, deep values and cares deeply about this country and about poverty and injustice."

Delving into the insights gained from ten years working with the Labour leader, Miliband was keen to re-emphasise his support for the beleaguered Prime Minister, in an interview which also took in the deep skepticism mainly liberals feel towards the Tory party's approach to the public sector and the threats they may pose should they, as predicted by recent polls, be swept into power next year.

Listen to the interview below

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