Internet pranksters hijack #AskEdM


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Ed Miliband faced widespread online ridicule again today as internet pranksters hijacked his latest public engagement attempt.

The Labour leader used the Twitter hashtag AskEdM to request questions he would answer on stage at the party's conference in Liverpool tomorrow.

But users seized the chance to bombard him with mischievous inquiries such as: "Have you ever worn the missus' knickers to a big debate? You know, just for luck"; and: "If you organised a Tweetle Beetle battle with paddles in a puddle would it be a Tweetle Beetle paddle puddle battle muddle?"

Today's #AskEdM session followed a similar experiment earlier this year when thousands of web surfers questioned Mr Miliband on a range of topics, including whether elves were better than goblins.

But, undeterred, he has once again courageously placed himself at the mercy of the world wide web.

The latest barrage of humorous questions included a follow-up to the previous web session, with robinhogg demanding: "Have you changed your mind about your favourite crisp flavour?".

Meanwhile, coda-8 needed to know if Mr Miliband was up to date on the latest fitness craze, asking the Labour leader: "What is Zumba, and why is it so popular?"

RealPengy asked about his knowledge of popular 1970s' sitcom Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em starring Michael Crawford as accident-prone Frank Spencer, and rolo-d feared for Mr Miliband's ability to withstand the Twitter onslaught, asking: "How is your self esteem after an #AskEdM session?"

LadySTinkleBlow was seemingly unimpressed by Mr Miliband's keynote address to conference earlier today, wondering: "Have you considered releasing a CD of your speech to help those with sleeping disorders nod off?"

Aside from the witty inquiries, there were some cutting questions referring to his leadership battle last year with his elder brother David.

GarethMcKenna asked: "If your own brother couldn't trust you, why should we?", while WelshToy said: "Do you have another job lined up for when your brother gets given yours?"

samhansford doubted the Labour leader's claim to be "in touch" with public opinion, wanting to know: "What made you take the bold step of being in opposition not just with the government, but with the public too?"

Other users focused on policy, such as Peckhampulse who asked: "Why won't you support the democratic decision of the unions if they vote to strike in defence of jobs, pensions, wages on the 30th Nov?"

Many questions were too rude to reprint.

Mr Miliband is due to answer some of the more sensible, less profane queries on stage at the Arena and Convention Centre tomorrow at 5.45pm.

He will also reply to questions posed by readers of a local newspaper.

Source: PA