Iron Lady film made too soon, says David Cameron


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David Cameron today stepped in to the row over the Iron Lady, claiming the film should have been made "another day".

The controversial film, which depicts the life of Margaret Thatcher, has been criticised for the way it shows the former British prime minister suffering from dementia.

Today, Mr Cameron, who said he has seen the film, said it had been made too soon but said Meryl Streep, who plays Mrs Thatcher, was "fantastic".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, he said: "You just can't help wondering, why do we have to have this film right now?

"It's a film much more about ageing and elements of dementia rather than about an amazing prime minister.

"My sense was a great piece of acting, a really staggering piece of acting, but a film I wish they could have made another day."

Mr Cameron joked that he was sure a film about his life would never be made.