Is the Prime Minister the only man without a lookalike?

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His clunking fist strategy and oratory tone have provided powerful ammunition to impersonators. But the quest to find Gordon Brown's spitting image has proved far more challenging.

The hunt is on for a Gordon Brown lookalike after Alison Jackson, the fake-celebrity photographer, reveals today that after a six-year search she has still not found a candidate with features that match the Prime Minister's "huge, bovine features".

Ms Jackson has made her name creating fictional scenes for such television shows as BBC2's Double Take and Channel 4's Blaired Vision by using actors who resemble famous figures. The 37-year-old film-maker said she had previously found the process of casting lookalikes relatively easy – even finding people who resemble iconic figures such as the Queen, David Beckham and Diana, Princess of Wales. The compromising scenes she mocks up using impersonators – such as the Queen on the lavatory and David Beckham wearing his wife's underwear – have amassed a cult following and spawned television spin-offs.

But the search for a Gordon Brown lookalike has become so difficult that Ms Jackson has launched a public appeal to find the man with a convincing enough furrowed brow and heavy jowls.

"I have been dreading Gordon Brown becoming prime minister because despite six years of searching, I still cannot find anyone to match his huge bovine features," said the photographer.

Open casting sessions will be held in conjunction with Esquire magazine. Once the Brown body double is found, he will appear in the men's magazine and go on to star in Jackson's future photoshoots.

Casting sessions will be held at the Malmaison Glasgow Hotel on 18 January, and the Metropolitan Hotel on Old Park Lane in London on 21 January.