Jeremy Corbyn admits PMQs 'won't be easy' as he vows to change 'yah-boo politics'

Labour leader says he'll bring a new kind of approach to PMQs as he prepares to take on David Cameron head-to-head for the first time

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Jeremy Corbyn has told viewers to expect a different Prime Minister's Questions as he vowed to end "yah-boo, theatrical politics" ahead of his first clash with David Cameron.

The new Labour leader has faced a tough first four days in his job and he admitted PMQs "won't be easy".

But he pledged to deliver what the public want - a change in approach to the weekly bout between the two party leaders.

"I want things to be rather different because I think the public as a whole have had enough of yah-boo... theatrical politics and that's what I'm going to try and bring to PMQs today," he told Sky News this morning.


"It's going to be interesting; I don't suspect it's going to be easy, but then out job is to hold the Government to account, our job is to speak up for people all over the country and the day-to-day problems their facing in their lives and that is the function of Parliament.

It is not a club, or should not be a club and I will try to treat it with the respect it deserves."