John Prescott denies sexually assaulting MP's wife as she's 'built like a bloody barn door'

Linda McDougall, wife of then Labour MP Austin Mitchell, alleged in 2006 that Lord Prescott groped her

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John Prescott has insisted he could never have sexually assaulted the wife of a former parliamentary colleague because she was “built like a bloody barn door”.

The former MP and peer added that it was impossible that he groped Linda McDougall, wife of former Great Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell, as “the f****ng house” would have fallen down had he thrown her against a wall.

The allegations against Mr Prescott were first aired in 2006 when Mrs McDougall told a Sunday newspaper that on her first meeting with Lord Prescott he had “pushed me quite forcefully against the wall and put his hand up my skirt.”

She added that “things were different in those days” and that there was “no big fuss.”

But in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Lord Prescott claims the alleged assault could never have taken place.

When the allegations were first aired Lord Prescott claims he told Mr Mitchell they were “not true”.

"I had to say, ‘do you believe it Austin?’ Have you seen his wife? Built like a bloody barn door, if I threw her against the wall, the f*****g house would fall down," he told the Telegraph.

The peer strongly denied ever sexually assaulting Mrs McDougall, claiming on Friday: "She never said anything [in 1978] because I never did anything. How is it that she waited 30 years to make a story?"

Meanwhile, Mr Mitchell labelled Lord Prescott’s remarks as those of a “wounded man,” adding that he was “best left alone”.

Lord Prescott could not be reached for comment.