Labour Party expels members who tweeted support for 'Scottish Nationalist Party' during general election

Image, posted on social media, appeared to show a letter from a Labour Compliance Officer informing one former party member

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The Labour Party has reportedly expelled Scottish party members who expressed support for the SNP on social media during the general election campaign.

A photograph posted on Twitter earlier this afternoon appeared to inform a “Mr McLean” that as he had “publicly stated via social media” he intended to vote for the “Scottish Nationalist Party” he was “no longer a member of the Labour Party”.

Compliance Officer Jane Shaw cites “Clause 2.I.4.B” of the Labour Party regulations as grounds to expel members.

The rule states that should a member support a political organisation other than the Labour Party the member is “automatically ineligible to be or remain a party member”.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) made sweeping gains in the last general election – mostly at the expense of either Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates.

A photograph of the letter has already been retweeted hundreds of times.

A spokesperson from the Labour Party did not return requests for comment.