Labour suspends member Vicki Kirby over 'anti-Semitic' tweets

She had previously been suspended in 2014

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The Labour member at the centre of a row over anti-Semitism has been suspended from the party pending an investigation.

Vicki Kirby had allegedly posted a number of derogatory comments on social media about Jewish people.

She had been suspended in 2014 for a number of aggressively anti-Israel tweets in which she asked why Isis was not attacking the country.

She was reinstated by the party on Monday before the Guido Fawkes blog uncovered further tweets that appeared to be anti-semitic in nature.

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell last night reportedly called for stronger rules “stronger rules and vetting” on racism from members.

He apparently made the comments at a private meeting of Labour MPs, who asked leader Jeremy Corbyn why Ms Kirby had not been immediately suspended.

The party last month launched an inquiry into allegations of anti-Semitism by students in its youth wing, particularly at Oxford Univerity.

Labour’s shadow home secretary Andy Burnham welcomed the news of Ms Kirby’s suspension and said Labour should have no tolerance for racism of any kind.

Labour MP Wes Streeting said: "Better late than never. Well done to everyone who spoke out and @kevinmckeever for police complaint. Shame it was needed."