Lib-Dem candidate defects to the Tories

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A Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate has defected to the Conservatives after David Cameron's decision to position his party to the centre ground and pitch for the green vote.

Jeff Clarke, who fought Wirral West for the Liberal Democrats at the general election, said: "The arrival of David Cameron at the helm of the Tory party has precipitated a shift in the direction and political atmosphere within the party. Politics is suddenly dynamic and interesting again. Crucially, it now offers - arguably for the first time since 1997 - the only potentially achievable opportunity for 'regime change' at the next election.

"That possibility would gather more credence if the joined-up forces of compassionate conservatism and genuine liberal democracy were to combine to ensure the departure of our current presidential, autocratic and authoritarian government."

Mr Clarke is a barrister in Liverpool and a Liberal Democrat member of Chester City Council.