Lib Dem conference: Labour gets personal with new slogan 'You Can't Trust Nick Clegg'


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Labour will launch a new slogan today accusing the Liberal Democrat leader of hypocrisy and broken promises.

Despite the prospect of coalition negotiations between the two parties after the election, the slogan – "You Can't Trust Nick Clegg" – will attempt to expose the Deputy Prime Minister's weakest point, after he reneged on a pledge not to introduce university tuition fees.

In a mock-up of the Lib Dem 2010 manifesto, the Labour Party will highlight a list of "Lib Dem broken promises", including supporting the Tories in failing to protect Sure Start, introducing VAT rises and cutting the 50p tax rate.

Labour will also write to every Lib Dem MP and parliamentary candidate asking whether they support their party's Commons voting record, including backing the bedroom tax, and cutting working families' tax credits.

Yesterday Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor, highlighted figures from the House of Commons Library showing that an average family on minimum wage would be £538 a year worse off under the Tories because of George Osborne's cuts to tax credits.