Manners: How to prevent office fridge wars

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Indy Politics

News that the Leicester MP Liz Kendall has had her lunch – a tuna salad – stolen from a House of Commons fridge sent shockwaves through representatives who can no longer rely on expenses-paid lunches at White's Club in St James's (Tory) and the Gay Hussar in Soho (Labour).

"Don't leave anything in here unless you're happy for it to go missing," the Labour MP wrote on a note attached to the fridge door, only for the brazen thief to reply with a note saying, "I took it… and I'd do it again."

Perhaps Ms Kendall could try the Trending solution. We have a fridge nearby and keep light-fingered hacks away with a mixture of off milk, mouldy cheese and past-their-sell-by-date sandwiches. Even a Tory MP would think twice about nicking a tuna salad from here.