MP Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Tory activists he is 'not proud' of gay marriage law


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A Conservative MP has caused fury after saying that he is “not proud” his government introduced same-sex marriage.

In a conference call with Tory activists on Thursday, Jacob Rees-Mogg agreed with one caller who said that “David Cameron would do well not to keep rubbing it in” on the issue.

The Conservative backbencher replied: “On gay marriage, I agree with you. I’m not proud that this government passed that into law and it alienated a lot of our traditional supporters. So I think the least said soonest mended.” The caller replied: “Amen.”

Research for PinkNews last month found that far more gay voters supported Mr Cameron than would vote for individual Conservative candidates.

A spokesman for PinkNews said: “We are disappointed to hear that despite David Cameron hailing same-sex marriage as one of his greatest achievements, Mr Rees-Mogg doesn’t feel it is something for the Conservative Party to be proud of.”