Nicola Sturgeon: David Cameron's 'walk on by on the other side' response to Syrian refugee crisis has reduced me to tears

First Minister launched scathing attack of PM's stubborn refusal to change the Government's stance and take in more than just a few hundred Syrians

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Nicola Sturgeon has attacked David Cameron's continued refusal to take in Britain's fair share of refugees fleeing Syria, saying the Government's "walk on by on the other side" approach had reduced her to tears.

Speaking during First Minister's Questions, the SNP leader said she was "very angry" at the UK Government's stubborn refusal to accept more than just a few hundred Syrians.

Mr Cameron has continued to resist calls to shift his stance - insisting the UK was already providing enough support in the form of humanitarian aid -  despite pictures of the drowned boy Aylan Kurdi sparking an outcry from hundreds of thousands of people across Britain.

More than 100,000 people have backed The Independent's campaign calling on a change of policy in Downing Street, including Ms Sturgeon and the leaders of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and a host of backbench Conservative MPs.

Speaking at Holyrood today, Ms Sturgeon said: "As first minister of Scotland I pledge that I will ensure that Scotland does everything possible to help this refugee crisis.

"I will be far from the only person reduced to tears last night at the picture of a little boy washed up on a beach. That wee boy has touched our hearts.

"But his is not an isolated tragedy. He and thousands like him whose lives are at risk is not somebody else’s responsibility; they are the responsibility of all of us.

"So, yes, I am angry, very angry, at the ‘walk on by on the other side’ approach of the UK government. I implore David Cameron to change his position and change it today. And I pledge as first minister of this country that we stand ready to help offer sanctuary to refugees who need our help."