Nigel Farage German citizenship application claims rejected as 'complete rubbish'

Speculation stirred online after politician spotted in a queue at embassy in London

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Claims that ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage is attempting to apply for dual-German citizenship have been rejected as “complete rubbish”.

A source close to the former-leader dismissed speculation that stirred online after he was seen at the German Embassy. 

The source said: “He was at the embassy in relation to a personal matter. The idea that it’s anything to do with German citizenship is complete rubbish.”

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Mr Farage, who has a German wife, was spotted in a queue at the embassy in London.

One Facebook user who witnessed the politician’s visit wrote: “I guess he realised he really kind a screwed us over and is quickly trying to also get some dual citizenship.”

She also claimed to have overheard Mr Farage apologise for not having a relevant document by responding “as you might have noticed I’ve been a bit busy lately.”

There have been reports of British citizens rushing to secure EU passports since the country’s Brexit vote. 

British enquiries for Irish passports, for example, spiked to 7,321 in July – up from 4,242 at the same point last year.