Nigel Farage on Have I Got News For You: Ukip leader ridiculed over expenses and party 'fruitcakes'

Ian Hislop and panel send up politician on comedy show

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Ian Hislop and the panel on Have I Got News For You had great fun sending up Nigel Farage on Friday night.

The Ukip leader was the butt of many jokes over expenses, flooding and party “fruitcakes” on the BBC show.

The host, actor Stephen Mangan, introduced Mr Farage by mentioning that he was interviewed by Alastair Campbell.

“The sniper across the street with one bullet was left with a terrible dilemma,” he added.

Mr Farage attempted to score political points in a discussion over Maria Miller’s expenses before the focus shifted.

He laughed at being dubbed “Mr Kettle” but appeared to visibly sweat when his own record was brought up.

Mr Mangan revealed an article from 2009 where the Ukip leader admitted he had claimed £2million of taxpayers’ money in expenses as an MEP.

The panel went on to play a jovial game of “fruitcake or loony” with supporters and members of his anti-EU party.

One council candidate allegedly claimed exercise prevented homosexuality by “releasing tension” in boys.


“Don’t know the chap,” Mr Farage said of a man accused of being racist towards Romanians.

Mr Hislop, the editor of Private Eye, went on to call the politician “swivel-eyed”.

Tweeting before the show aired, Mr Farage said his appearance was “lots of fun as always”.

The programme got a mixed reception on Twitter, with some viewers angry he appeared at all.