Nigel Farage slams 'pathetic' Ukip mobile game made by schoolchildren

Game users play as Nicholas Fromage - who resembles Farage - and kick immigrants off the white cliffs of Dover

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Students from a school in Kent have made a satirical mobile game in which users kick immigrants off the cliffs of Dover under the Ukip banner — and Nigel Farage thinks it's "pathetic".

The Ukip leader called the game, the main character of which he evidently inspired, "risible and pathetic" and said it "crosses the line".

Players use Nicholas Fromage to kick immigrants in the pursuit of "racism" points, and it's that term which had Farage riled up.

KentOnline reports that the Principal of Canterbury Academy Phil Karnavas said the project was "just a bit of fun" and said that "politicians should be able to laugh at themselves".


Farage said: "Those elements are risible and in many ways pathetic. I think I'm quite well known for having a sense of humour.

"I'm a public figure and of course people are going to have views. But elements of this game appear to cross the line.

"Fair play to them for having a bit of fun. If they want to go away and look at Ukip policies, they will actually learn a lot."

The five 18-year-old developers, who designed the game for their technology class, and have released it as part of their games start-up FonGames, describe it as "a mockery of extremist views"

Principal Mr Karnavas said: "It's certainly topical and should stimulate discussion about political issues amongst young people - something we are constantly told is important.

"This game may be a bit 'edgy' but I suspect it will not bring the British political system crashing down!"

A Ukip spokesperson told The Independent: "We're all for people having a bit of fun, and in this case a bit of a pop, but bandying around words like 'racist' is a bit much."