Plaid Cymru accidentally left huge stock photo watermarks all over its election manifesto

The watermarks denote sample stock photo images

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Party officials drawing up Plaid Cymru’s manifesto have accidentally left stock photo watermarks on pictures in the election document.

The mistake, in the online version of the Welsh nationalists’ manifesto, was spotted by readers this morning.

The images were overlayed with translucent white writing reading "iStock by Getty Images" – the name of a popular stock photo website.

A number of prominent pictures in the manifesto were affected, including a photo of a group of people jumping for joy, someone caring for a hospital patient, and a business meeting.

The watermark is supposed to appear on the sample version of images displayed by photography websites before the image is purchased.

Plaid Cymru blamed the incident on “human error”, according to BBC News.

The documents disappeared from the website this afternoon and were replaced by the correct images without the watermark.

The original version of the manifesto appears to have been a low-resolution draft copy.

The error has not been spotted on any printed copies of the manifesto.

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