Prescott accuses Meyer of being a 'red-socked fop'

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Mr Prescott has questioned the impartiality of Sir Christopher following the publication of his memoirs, DC Confidential, about his time as ambassador to Washington.

Sir Christopher infuriated the Government after he ridiculed Tony Blair and accused several cabinet ministers of being "political pygmies".

In a letter to the former ambassador, Mr Prescott asked how he could now be "an honest broker" at the PCC and protect the public from intrusion. He accused Sir Christopher of damaging public confidence in the PCC and said Sir Christopher had profited from "tittle-tattle, betraying confidences and by character assassination.

"How can I or others criticised in your book come to the PCC in future and expect impartiality."

Mr Prescott adds that Sir Christopher had a reputation in Washington as "a red-socked fop".

The Deputy Prime Minister was characterised in Sir Christopher's book as inarticulate and given to referring to the "Balklands" and "Kovasa".