Russell Brand was rendered speechless on Question Time by this man

Brand drew howls of derision following his claimed fear of 'becoming one of them' if he were to stand for parliament

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An impassioned speech by a member of the public left Russell Brand speechless on Question Time last night, possibly for the first time in his life.

Appearing at a somewhat raucous evening in Canterbury - along with Caroline Penny Mordaunt MP, Mary Creagh MP, Nigel Farage MEP, Russell Brand and The Times’ Camilla Cavendish – a man with a walking stick attacked Brand after his statement on austerity and his belief in the lack of distribution of wealth in Britain.

"I don’t like people preaching that I am in any part responsible for anything. I’ve never heard him [Nigel Farage] criticise the disabled, OK, never, and you are a campaigner, yeah?" the man said.

"I'm a comedian mate," Brand interjected.

"Stand," the man told him. "Stand for Parliament. If you're gonna campaign, then stand, OK? You have the media profile for it."

"My problem would be mate, I’d stand for parliament but I’d be scared that I’d become one of them," Brand replied, to boos from the audience.

"You fought addiction, and you’ve beaten it," the man told him. "You can’t preach that – that is rubbish. You cannot preach that. You've attacked him [Farage] attacked everybody that stands for his party… they are people on the street."


At the end of the clip, everyone’s favourite blue-haired warrior interrupted the exchange to say: "I live in south Thanet and I'm coming for you Farage, don’t you bloody worry."

Brand became considerably quieter over the course of the evening. The panel also discussed immigration, education, the NHS, and 'Punch and Judy politics'. Camilla Cavendish and Mary Creagh garnered considerable praise on Twitter for their performance.