Scottish independence: The road to referendum


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October 2012

* A Section 30 order drawn up to transfer the right to hold a referendum from Westminster to Scottish Parliament at Holyrood

*Findings of the Scottish Government's “Your Scotland, Your Referendum” consultation published

Autumn/winter 2012

*Electoral Commission watchdog begins preparations, including testing the fairness and clarity of the question

February 2013

* Section 30 Order  agreed by the Privy Council

Spring 2013

* Referendum Bill goes before Holyrood Parliament

October 2013

* MSPs take part in the crucial Stage 3 vote at the Scottish Parliament

November 2013

* Royal Assent  given to the Bill

* The Scottish Government issues White Paper on its “prospectus for independence”. Other parties put forward their vision for the future of Scotland

Summer 2014

* The pro and anti-independence campaigns intensify

Autumn 2014

* The  referendum takes place