SNP MSP Angela Constance asks to start BBC interview again only to be told she is live on air

The MSP was shocked to be told viewers were watching

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A member of the Scottish Parliament made viewers cringe with awkwardness after she asked to be restart an interview – only to be told she was live on air.

Angela Constance, an SNP education minister, was discussing higher education policy on the Scottish edition of the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme when she stumbled on her words.

“We have to remember that in twenty thousand and twelve… sorry, 2012, sorry are we able to do that again? I just said twenty thousand and twelve,” she said.

 “Alright, 2012. We are live, by the way,” the programme’s presenter Gordon Brewer informed her, in scenes reminiscent of Whitehall comedy The Thick of It.

An expression of shock spread over the MSP’s face as she realised her error.

Ms Constance appeared to take the gaffe well and apologised, telling viewers she thought the interview was being pre-recorded to air later in the day.

 “Oh right, OK, forgive me. I thought it was a pre-record, forgive me,” she said.

It is fairly common for short clips or interviews with politicians to be recorded and cut for editorial reasons.

Ms Constance is the Scottish National Party MSP for Almond Valley in the Lothian region.