Spoof animation shows what could happen if Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership election

This is possibly the most unique take yet on next week’s leadership election

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It’s been nearly as tedious as watching Arsenal in this summer’s transfer window; but the Labour leadership contest is nearly over. We’ve seen countless opinion pieces regarding the electability of Jeremy Corbyn but this animation is possibly the most unique take on the surprise frontrunner.

TomoNews is a popular Taiwanese YouTube channel which animates the most entertaining news stories on the Internet.

A week before the Labour leadership election, our prayers have been answered and they've created an amusing animation about Corbyn.

Watch the animation below.

The animation shows Corbyn to be a real candidate as opposed to his “cardboard cut-out” rivals.

It goes on to describe how Corbyn is portrayed as the “66-year old love child of a Lenin, Marx and Trotsky threesome” and what might happen if both Donald Trump and Corbyn are in office come 2020.

Would we see a Mortal Kombat-esque scene like below?