Steve Moxon

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In a news item on 11 March we reported that Steve Moxon "had called for Islamic fundamentalists 'to be silenced by nuclear weapons'." However, Mr Moxon has told us that the full e-mail, sent to the BBC programme Panorama in 2001, makes it clear that he was not actually advocating the use of nuclear weapons against Islamic fundamentalists. We have also been asked to clarify that he is not facing any disciplinary action except over the leak of the covert "fast track" immigration policy, and that the fathers' rights group he belongs to is the civil rights group, Mankind. Philip Hensher, in his column of 12 March, incorrectly said Mr Moxon was already a serving civil servant when he sent e-mails to Panorama. Mr Moxon also tells us that he is in favour of immigration and Mr Hensher's comments therefore misjudged his views on the subject. We are happy to make the position clear on these points.