Straw says bin Laden is prime suspect

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Indy Politics

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said that British intelligence is pointing the finger of blame at Osama Bin Laden for last week's terrorist outrage in the United States.

He said: "Six days after this terrible catastrophe in New York it is now clear from our own intelligence assessment that Osama bin Laden and his organization are plainly the prime suspects for complicity and involvement in this catastrophe."

He also praised President George Bush's handling of events. "President Bush has shown huge statesmanship, and people are reassured by that, that there is resolve on both sides of the Atlantic but there is also a clear sense, if we are to win this war against terrorism, it has to be based on very very careful analysis," he said.

Mr Straw also said that any decisions would be made in a "cool, measured and intelligent way" and described the current situation as the most serious since the Cuban missile crisis.