The 7 most ludicrous stories about Jeremy Corbyn

The new Labour leader has been the subject of some interesting coverage since taking charge.

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During his conference speech, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn chose to address some of the media coverage he had received since winning the leadership election. 

Some headlines and stories stood out in particular; from apocalyptic fantasy to dictator homage here are the most interesting articles on Mr. Corbyn so far.

1. The Daily Express - 'REVEALED: The evil monster haunting Jeremy Corbyn's past'

Jeremy Corbyn receives applause following his first leadership speech on September 29, 2015 in Brighton, England.

The Daily Express ran a story on Mr. Corbyn's great great grandfather and how as a boss he was “a scandal and a curse to a country which calls itself civilised and Christian”. As the master of a workhouse, Mr. Corbyn's forebear was reportedly 'despotic' is his management.

The new labour leader was keen to apologise in his speech for "not doing the decent thing and going back in time and having a chat with him about his appalling behaviour."

2. The Mail On Sunday - 'The 1,000 Days that Destroyed Britain'

Jeremy Corbyn during his conference speech

A short story written by David Thomas depicted what life would supposedly be with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. 

"It's pretty scary, I have to tell you," Mr. Corbyn said.

3. When The Times described his bike as 'Chairman Mao-style'

Jeremy Corbyn and his 'Chairman Mao-style' bicycle

When detailing how the new Labour leader chose to take a black cab home, the Times mentioned that Mr. Corbyn had abandoned ' the Chairman Mao-style bicycle his neighbours always see him riding.'

"Less thorough journalists might have referred to it as just a bicycle,' he joked during his conference speech.

4. The Daily Mail - 'How Jeremy Corbyn welcomed the prospect of an asteroid 'wiping out' humanity'


According to the Mail, 'Jeremy Corbyn once backed a House of Commons motion welcoming the 'inevitable' end of human life on earth in an asteroid strike'

In response to the article published during his leadership election campaign, Mr. Corbyn said "Now, asteroids are pretty controversial and it's not the kind of policy I'd want to adopt without a full debate in conference, so can we have the debate later in the week?"

5. The Daily Express - 'Corbyn: Scrap our nuclear weaponry & don't bomb jihadists - but I'm no threat to Britain'

In response to Mr. Corbyn's conference speech, the Express decided that his stance on Trident and Syria agreed with a controversial video the Conservative party released earlier, describing the Labour leader as a threat to National Security.

6. The Daily Telegraph - 'Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to turn Britain into Zimbabwe'

Robert Mugabe waits to address the United Nations General Assembly.

The Telegraph's story suggested that Mr. Corbyn's potential 'People's QE' policy would cause the same debilitating economic effects as seen by Zimbabwe.

7. Sky News - Interview with Eamonn Holmes

A cringeworthy interview by the Sunrise presenter resulted in several football analogies and 'inane' questions.

Watch the video here: