The line from Jeremy Corbyn's first Labour conference speech that got the biggest round of applause

The Labour leader impressed the audience in Brighton - but will he appeal to the rest of the country?

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Jeremy Corbyn received a fantastic reaction to his first major speech at Labour's annual conference from supporters inside the hall.

While it remains to be seen just how the leader's performance was viewed across the rest of the country, there was one moment which really impressed the audience in Brighton.

It was Corbyn at his best - criticising the Tories, and standing up for the values he says are embodied by Labour.

He said: “[The Conservatives] want us, expect us to believe there is no alternative to cutting jobs, slashing public services, vandalising the national health service, cutting junior doctors’ pay, reducing care for the elderly, destroying the hopes of young people for a college education, putting university graduates into massive debt, putting half a million more people into poverty.

“They want the people of Britain to accept all these things.

“They expect millions of people to work harder, longer, for a lower quality of life, on lower wages.

“Well we are not having it. Our Labour party says no. The British people never have to take what they are given.”