The map that shows how Ukip took British politics by storm

Ukip increased its vote share dramatically across England and Wales

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Ukip increased its vote share by more than any other other party in 469 constituencies across the UK.

The party may have failed to win its target constituencies, but it spread a formidable increase in vote across England and Wales.

This map shows the scale of Ukip's gains - as well as the contrast with Scotland, where the SNP cleaned up.

Each constituency is coloured for the party that increased its vote share the most in it.


A giant purple swathe, pocked with other colours, shows Ukip was by far the biggest insurgent across England and Wales.

A striking yellow top to the map shows how the SNP scored the biggest increase in every single one of Scotland's 59 seats.

The map also shows Labour's gains in 72 seats across the country - which weren't enough to win it a majority.

The total tallies of where parties had the biggest increases in vote share are as follows: