The young vote: Meet the next generation of Ministers

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Indy Politics

Meet the young parliamentary candidates, councillors and campaigners making their debut on the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat battle buses.

Alan Belmore is the youngest Parliamentary candidate in the history of modern Government. His party, the Liberal Democrats have shown the biggest upturn in support in the build up to the General Election. At just 19, can he make history and become the face of youth in the House of Commons.

The Conservative Party are favourites to win this year’s General Election. Here we meet a cross-section of their young candidates and campaigners. From doorstepping, to regattas to drunken student parties, they give us an insight into the true values of the party.

Labour have been in power since 1997 and have never been as unpopular during their 13 year reign as they have been since Gordon Brown moved into number 10. We follow Mo Iqbal, who is hoping to be the youngest councillor in Greenwich for Labour at 23, to find out what it takes to be young, political, and a Bollywood dancer.

Video credit: VBS.TV