Theresa May using Remain's Brexit campaign bus to tour country for election

Prime Minister’s battle bus has 'Theresa May: For Britain' and 'strong, stable leadership' plastered across it

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Theresa May is using the 'Remain' bus used in last year’s Brexit referendum campaign to tour the country. 

The Prime Minister’s general election battle bus has “Theresa May: For Britain” and “strong, stable leadership” plastered across it. 

Its previous history of working for the Remain camp was discovered by an eagled-eyed Twitter user who noticed the license plates on the two buses were identical.

Ms May set off on the bus for the first time from Northumberland and joked she had used every type of transport other than horses, The Daily Telegraph reported.

"This election is not about who people might have voted for before. It's about who they want to see leading this country over the next five years," Ms May said, addressing local Tory activists. 

She also said that with 27 days to go before the election, campaigning would now “step up”. 

The Labour Party’s bus, which has “for the many not the few” emblazoned on it, is also apparently recycled and is the same one that was used for the party’s 'Remain' campaign. 

The Independent has contacted the Conservative Party for a comment but at the time of publication none had been provided.