Theresa May's Tories open up 18-point lead over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

If replicated on polling day the vote shares would likely see the Tories win a 200 seat majority

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The Conservatives have opened up an eighteen-point lead over Labour in the latest opinion poll.

Theresa May’s party would win 47 per cent of the vote if a general election were held today, according to the latest Ipsos MORI poll.

Labour would trail on 29 per cent, with Ukip dropping to fourth on 6 per cent, the Lib Dems on 7 per cent, and the Green Party on 4 per cent.

7 per cent of people would vote for other parties, including the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru.

Labour were down five points on the previous comparable poll by the firm, while the Conservatives were up seven points.

According to the Electoral Calculus method, on a uniform swing under the new boundaries proposed by the Government such a vote share would give the Conservatives 371 seats and Labour 159 – a majority of over 200.

The poll is the Conservatives’ biggest lead for years with the firm – but the Prime Minister has ruled out calling an early election.

She says one will not be held before 2020, even though she only has a slim majority in the House of Commons.

Ms May’s approval rating fell by around 6 per cent to a positive 16 points; Jeremy Corbyn’s rose by about 4 per cent to minus 24. 

Despite the poor polling for Labour Mr Corbyn was re-elected as leader by his party’s members and supporters by a landslide last month.