Meet the Ukippers: These people were left dumbfounded by a BBC documentary about Ukip

BBC Two documentary was greeted with disbelief by some

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The BBC documentary Meet the Ukippers aired on BBC Two on Sunday.

It included a now-expelled councillor who said she had a problem with black people, an overworked press officer making sure people didn't say the wrong thing, and a huge, huge collection of clown figurines.

A lot of people found it pretty astonishing.

Things got off to a more-or-less benign start.

They escalated quickly, however.

One Ukip's member's huge collection of clown figurines provoked particular ire.

Interestingly, the clown collector was judged by quite a few to be one of the more reasonable people filmed.

There were some sardonic comments about the party's chosen communications strategy.

Some suspected there might be something in the water.

Others questioned whether other parties would require the same level of press supervision.

Others suspected a conspiracy theory.

A couple of people pointed out the documentary had been rather overshadowed by the sheer persistence of the establishment's self-interest.

There was genuine sympathy on show for the Ukip press officer responsible for explaining members' actions.

In the end many viewers were begging for more.

Others gave a more pessimistic summary.