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UK Politics

Tories and Lib Dems score by-election victories in marginals


Coalition Government parties triumphed in two marginal wards in the latest council by-elections - the first voting test after Chancellor George Osborne's Budget statement.

There was a much-needed boost for Liberal Democrats at north west London's Brent Borough ahead of May's mayoral and assembly polls in the capital.

They held on to a knife-edge marginal Dollis Hill seat with just a 0.5% net swing to Labour since the last main council polls on the same day as the 2010 general election.

Lib Dems were clearly helped by Tory tactical voting.

The ward is in the area of the former Brent East constituency represented in the Commons by Labour mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone until 2001.

This is the first of five London borough by-elections in the run-up to May 3.

Tories increased their majority at Hertfordshire County Council's Waltham Cross division compared with the 2009 contest when Labour was trailing nationwide.

However they lost to independent Jeff Moody at Tavistock North, West Devon Borough.


Brent London Borough - Dollis Hill: Lib Dem 1205, Lab 1168, C 140, Green 79. (May 2010 - Three seats Lib Dem 1914, 1885, 1833, Lab 1806, 1792, 1705, C 878, 804, 649, Green 203, 179, 161). Lib Dem hold. Swing 0.5% Lib Dem to Lab.

Hertfordshire County - Waltham Cross: C 1389, Lab 837, Ukip 159, Lib Dem 76. (June 2009 - C 1476, Lab 955, BNP 615, Lib Dem 479). C hold. Swing 3.8% Lab to C.

Tendring District - St Bartholomews: Holland-on-Sea Residents Association 1087, C 289, Lab 120. (May 2011 - Two seats Holland-on-Sea Residents Association 1341, 1278, C 527, 428). Residents hold..

West Devon Borough - Tavistock North: Ind 407, C 256, Lib Dem 225, Lab 125, Ukip 78, Ind 57. (May 2011 - Three seats C 706, 592, 584, Ind 583, 576, Lib Dem 490, 406, Ind 369, Lab 367, Lib Dem 248). Ind gain from C. Swing 5.2% C to Lib Dem.