Transgender marriage scrutinised by MPs' new equalities committee

Maria Miller said problems faced by transgender people are an 'emerging issue'

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Parliament’s new Women and Equalities Committee will examine a much-criticised “veto” on transgender people who want to change their legal gender.

The Conservative former culture secretary, Maria Miller, was elected chairman of the committee last week. She said problems faced by transgender people are an “emerging issue”.

Under the 2013 Marriage Act, the spouse of someone who has received a gender recognition certificate legalising the change of gender, must give permission for the marriage to continue.

The Government believed it was unfair on that spouse to see his or her marital status changed to same-sex without consent. But critics argue the law amounts to a veto that makes obtaining a certificate dependent on the spouse.

“While there are some pieces of legislation, I’m not sure how effective it is,” said Ms Miller. “Some of this legislation around gaining permission to change gender is something the committee would want to look at.”