Trident contract decision is imminent

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THE GOVERNMENT yesterday signalled its determination to reach an early decision on the award of the pounds 5bn Trident refit contract, despite the last-minute offer from Rosyth dockyard, writes Patricia Wynn Davies.

A long meeting involving John Major and a dozen ministers will continue this morning in an effort to present a decision to the full Cabinet for endorsement. Unremitting pressure on the Government to decide whether to award the contract to Rosyth in Fife or Devonport in the West Country, and the lateness of Rosyth's offer to slash pounds 70m from its tender, mean that the Scottish yard's new proposal is unlikely to find favour.

The meeting is also likely to decide the 'consolation prize' - Labour wants the Government to guarantee 10 years of work to the loser.

Andrew Marr, page 27