UK weather: Politicians are definitely not 'flood tourists' visiting Somerset for a photo opportunity

But if they were... Who would win?

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You have to feel sorry for Somerset. As if the floods were not enough to cope with, the inhabitants are now having to cope with a deluge of politicians.

Descending upon the region in their droves, this welly-wearing Westminster lot are wading about in the water talking to residents, flood volunteers and local authorities.

It’s important to note that none of them are there to score cheap political points. Nigel Farage specifically said he was not there for “some photo opportunity” while Ed Miliband was forced to defend accusations that he was a flood tourist.

However, say one were to imagine that these visits had any other motive than helping flooded residents, in the land of the photo op some politicians did better than others.


Wearing wellington boots is a necessity, to break down that well-heeled look and highlight that you are “mucking in.” They also keep the feet dry.

Standing in as deep water as possible is also key. The deeper the water, the more you empathise and the better the politician you are.

One’s expression should alternate between angry and concerned. Make sure you appear to look at lots of things with a furrowed brow, preferably things that cannot be understood by staring blankly at them. Gesturing also makes you look more animated, so lots of that is key.