Banning the burqa is among the first policies Paul Nuttall has suggested implementing since his election as Ukip leader

On his first day in the job, Paul Nuttall has argued face veils for Muslim women should be banned in Britain, due to ‘security issues’.

Speaking after the leadership election, which he won with 62.6 per cent of the votes cast by party members, Mr Nuttall questioned whether there was ‘any place’ for women who wore burqas in the UK.

He told Channel 5 news: “We have to ask the question whether a woman living behind the veil has any place in 21st century Britain.”

Asked if she should not wear a veil even if it was her choice, he replied: “Even if it’s her choice. You have to look at the other issues surrounding security, because whether we like it or not we are the most watched people in the world. There’s more CCTV in Britain per head than anywhere else on the planet. And for CCTV to be effective you need to see people’s faces.”

Mr Nuttall has previously advocated such a ban, though not just on security grounds. Last year, he applauded groups who were campaigning to have the veil banned in European countries and told the Express: “Should we follow this and ban the burqa in this country? Yes. Personally, I think this is about civility, not religion.”

He added: “The law should be clear - either you are allowed to express your religious beliefs at all times, or you accept that there are some occasions where these are restricted. Face coverings should be banned in any public building.”