Ukip mocked after mistaking Westminster Cathedral – for a mosque

Party activist red-faced after angry tweets at the BBC

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Ukip’s list of blunders is now a little longer, after a party activist complained that a BBC survey about Nigel Farage had taken place outside a mosque – which in fact was Westminster Cathedral.

After the BBC’s Daily Politics show posted a photo of a social experiment on their Twitter feed, the party’s South Thanet branch raised a concern.

Two boxes, one labeled "yes" and the other "no" were placed outside Westminster Cathedral, to ask locals whether Nigel Farage has what it takes to be Prime Minister, by placing a colored ball in either box to indicate their opinion.

Video: Daily Politics hold survey outside Westminster Cathedral

But, believing Westminster Cathedral to be a mosque, Ukip’s South Thanet branch accused the BBC of an unfair bias.

“Perfect place to hold vote in front of a mosque in London. BBC’s random means selective,” the group tweeted.

BBC reporter Giles Dinot responded: “You are SO wrong you might be embarrassed by that”.

The exchange has since been satirized on social media with the launch of the hashtag, #ThingsThatAreNotMosques.