Watch: Mhairi Black plays Titanic theme tune and discusses 'inevitable' Scottish independence

21-year-old SNP MP talks about her two main passions with Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow

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Britain's youngest MP has two main obsessions: Scottish independence and the Titanic.

The 21-year-old Mhairi Black revealed her powerful gift of oratory in her maiden speech in the House of Commons but she has now revealed another skill: playing the film's My Heart Will Go On theme tune on the piano.

Why her love of Titanic? "I've just always been obsessed with it," she explains to Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, despite her only being aged four at the time the film was released.

The pair then go on to discuss more important matters, such as her country's future, which she says will be independent well within her lifetime.

"I don't know whether it'll be before five years but I've no doubt it'll be in my lifetime," she says. "I think people - even unionists- can feel independence is inevitable and it is inevitable."

But didn't Alex Salmond say the vote was a 'once in a lifetime' choice? "That's what Alex Salmond said but no, I think what's happened is is people have given this union one last shot but I think as time goes on it is inevitable that people will see the failings of this system and how this system ultimately can't give Scotland what it needs and what it deserves," Ms Black says.