White employees of racism watchdog 'earn £3,000 more annually than black colleagues'

The white chief executive makes £105,000 a year

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The average white employee of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) earns over £3,000 more each year than the average black worker, according to reports.

Figures obtained by the Sun newpaper show that while the average black staff member earns £37,170, their white colleagues make an average of £40,388 annually.

And there is a similar gap between disabled and able-bodied members of staff, according to the data released under the Freedom of Information Act. Disabled staff members make an average of £35,988, while those without disabilities turn over £40,898.

The EHRC has responsibility for enforcing equality and non-discrimination laws across the United Kingdom. Despite the disparity in their internal pay rates, the gap in wages is less significant at the EHRC than it is across the UK labour market as a whole.

According to a report by the Trade Union Congress, there is a 23 per cent gap between black and white university graduates in the UK. The gap between black and white EHRC employees is 8 per cent.

The gap between disabled and able-bodied EHRC employees is currently at 12 per cent. According to the Papworth Trust, the nationwide pay gap between disabled and non-disabled men is 11 per cent, and 22 per cent between disabled and non-disabled women.

Speaking to the Sun, an EHRC spokesperson said: “The EHRC pays equal pay for equal value work.

“Our pay gap on race has been reduced significantly in the last two years. We are confident that any gaps that remain are not as a result of discriminatory practice, and will be addressed over time.”

Employees of all races at the government-funded watchdog earn, on average, considerably more than the national average salary of £27,500. Chief executive Rebecca Hilsenrath, a Cambridge-educated white woman, earns £105,000.