'Zayn Malik' grills David Cameron at election TV debate

The prime minister looked a bit confused

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Twitter got very excited last night after when presenter Kay Burley called one 'Zayn Malik' to ask David Cameron a question.

Could the One Direction star be launching a career as a political pundit? Judging by his face, for a moment David Cameron appeared to believe so.

"Where is he?" he said, looking around, somewhat bemused. But after literally seconds of suspense the mystery questioner was revealed to be a gentleman named Zaid Malik.


"It's almost as if we planned it," said Kay Burley.

Had the 1D star aged since his last public appearance?

Mr Malik, who was in fact a police officer, wanted to know whether the Prime Minister was going to end police cuts.

This morning Ms Burley tweeted that "Zaid was flattered" to be called Zayn.