Pools firms promise more jackpot winners

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THE THREE main football pools companies yesterday promised more jackpot winners and an extra prize level as part of a revamp of the points system to come into

effect next month.

The change in the system, the first since 1969, will mean the maximum three points will go only to 1-1 draws. Other score draws will attract two-and-a-half points, with two points for goalless draws and void matches and one-and-a-half points for home and away wins.

The revamp is a pre-emptive strike against the national lottery launched next year, which is promising a pounds 1m winner every week. Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters say the new points system will mean more frequent multi-million-pound jackpot winners. From Saturday 27 February eight one-all draws will be needed to produce the traditional maximum 24 points. The companies are dubbing the 1-1 draw the Jackpot Draw.

The move is partly a result of an increase in the number of score draws, which means lower dividends and fewer jackpots.

The pools companies believe the adjustment to the scoring system will not only mean more frequent big wins, but will also produce at least one jackpot opportunity every month.

A further change will see Littlewoods introducing a seventh dividend payment. Vernons pays six and Zetters five.