Scottish independence: Labour MPs to make major No campaign offensive


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Labour is to send 100 of its MPs to Scotland as part of a major offensive to persuade voters to reject independence, promising them that more powers will be devolved to Holyrood if the Union stays intact.

With less than a fortnight to go before Scotland goes to the polls, Ed Miliband told a meeting of Labour MPs at Westminster that the party needed to show “solidarity” with its supporters north of the border.

“People from across Scotland want to know that the Labour choice is to vote No and say yes to radical change with a Labour government after the election,” he said. “Labour MPs will be telling Scots [that] a Labour government is within our grasp and that is the choice for social justice in Scotland and across the UK.”

As part of the effort to reassure Scottish Labour supporters who are considering voting for independence, Gordon Brown said he had requested that several days of parliamentary time be set aside to debate the devolution of more powers to Holyrood in the event of a No vote.

“I will personally seek to lead a debate on the floor of the House of Commons in the first week that Westminster returns after the referendum, with the specific aim of confirming the public and well-understood agreement on the process and timetable for further devolution,” the former prime minister said.