Scottish independence: 'We are the 45 per cent' is the new Yes campaign on Twitter and Facebook

44.7 per cent of the electorate answered Yes to the referendum question

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They may have lost the referendum, but those who voted for independence last week are showing no sign of backing down in the demand for autonomy.

A Facebook campaign group called "We are the 45%", in reference to the proportion of people who voted in favour of Scotland leaving the union, has been set up by those determined to keep the dream of independence alive.

Set up in the wake of last week's result, the movement has already attracted more than 150,000 likes on its Facebook page. It says it plans to draw on the success of Yes activists who spread their message using social media platforms during the referendum campaign.

“The British establishment would love nothing more than for the 45 per cent to disappear. By maintaining the success of alternative media this will not happen,” one community page tells its followers.

The campaign page has already attracted a lot of support. The group had a large presence in a demonstration in Dundee yesterday, which saw over 100 independence supporters march through the city and is preparing a number of flags, badges and other merchandise to spread its message.

Others have pledged their support directly on the Facebook page.


However, some comments have drawn criticism for the group's anti-English sentiment. A member of one Facebook group wrote: “How about every No voter adopts the nationality of northern English because they certainly aren’t Scottish.”

Comparisons have already been drawn between the group and the so-called cybernats, the pro-independence campaigners who used social media to criticise opponents.

Others opposed to independence have asked the 45ers to stop their drive. Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser tweeted that the movement was "all a bit sad" and told the activists that "The people of Scotland have spoken".