Seven nuns spotted at Seven Sisters Tube station

‘I had to do a double take’ 

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Seven sisters made an amusing appearance at London's Seven Sisters Tube station in a divine moment captured by a commuter. 

Ben Patey said he was travelling home from work when he spotted the seven nuns waiting on the platform of the London Underground station. 

Realising this was a photo opportunity seemingly sent down from the heavens, Mr Patey,33, snapped a picture of them as they sat conveniently close to the station’s sign. 

“I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I looked across and saw the nuns and the sign,” he said. “I had to do a double take. It was one of those strange, but amusing moments.”

In fact, there were not only seven sisters at the station, but eight. One of the sisters can be seen sitting behind a standing nun.

Seven Sisters station is believed to take its name from a group of seven trees that were planted in the area around the 14th century. It is said that they may have been planted by seven sisters who were going separate ways.

It’s unclear whether the nuns planned for such perfection – or if the stop is just part of their daily commute.