Shamed law chief's wife found dead in her home

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THE ESTRANGED wife of Sir Allan Green, the former Director of Public Prosecutions, who resigned after being caught kerb-crawling, was found dead at her home yesterday. Lady Eva Green, 47, is believed to have committed suicide.

Her son, Robin, found her body and an empty bottle of pills in the bedroom of her home in Bristol Mews, Maida Vale, west London, at about 1pm. Her family, including Sir Allan, 56, have been informed.

Lady Eva left her husband a year ago after being married for 25 years. The separation came three months after Sir Allan resigned from his pounds 77,000 a year job, following a police caution in October 1991 after being seen talking to prostitutes in the King's Cross district of London. Sir Allan has never explained why he went to the backstreets after spending the evening at a dinner given for the Law Society.

His resignation was accepted, although the Bar Council said it would welcome him back to practice.

The then Attorney General, Sir Patrick Mayhew, accepted his departure 'with great sadness.' Only nine months before the incident Sir Allan, who was in charge of all criminal proceedings in England and Wales, was knighted on the recommendation of John Major, the Prime Minister.

Within 36 hours of the disgrace the couple flew to Minorca, where Lady Green told waiting journalists that she was standing by her husband. 'I love him,' she said. 'You can draw your own conclusions from that.' Sir Allan said in a whisper: 'We are staying together.'

This statement did not surprise friends who described her as a strong person emotionally.

However, three months later on the eve of their silver wedding anniversary the stress on the couple caused by the scandal appeared to be too much and they agreed to separate. They sold their five-storey pounds 700,000-house in Primrose Hill, north London, and bought separate homes.

Sir Allan returned to the Bar last April as a defence advocate.

The Greens married in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1967 when Eva was 21 and studying economics in London. They returned to England and their son Robin, now a barrister, was born within the year. Later they had Susie, now 22.

A police spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances about the death and they were not looking for any other person. He said: 'An empty bottle of pills was found near the body.'

He added: 'Police were informed at 1.45pm that Lady Eva Green, was found dead at home.' A post-mortem has yet to be arranged.

Sir Allan was unavailable for comment last night.

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